Creativity with no limits

Atmosphere, style, purpose

Our goal is to produce high-quality videos which convey an idea  – breaking up the separation of art and commercial products. For us, the only reason to follow the creative profession of video production is the unbounded enthusiasm we experience with every new project. Our aim is to pass this enthusiasm on to you throughout the whole process. 

We mainly focus on the production of story or emotion-driven Image Films or Commercials because those are the projects that allow us to live out our creative passion to the fullest. For certain suitable projects, we are given complete creative freedom from the clients, which culminates in the creation of, what we call, a Signature Film. For every project, no matter what type, we challenge ourselves to always strive for fresh and interesting ideas. In this way, we also offer cutting-edge styles together with more traditional video types which we love to give a little twist.

Signature Films

Our very own style of filmmaking with the luxury of creative freedom.

Image Films

Powerful narratives to present your company in the perfect way.

Commercial Spots

Short and impactful stories that elevate your message.

Event Videos

From fairs to company events - bring the experience to the screen.

Social Media Videos

Cut through the masses with eye-catching clips.

Branding Packages

Coherent and powerful video campaigns for your brand.

Step by step

Our workprocess explained

Every project begins with us meeting with the client to gain a comprehensive understanding of their requirements, ideas and wishes. During the initial conversation, we will gather information about the content, the length, the complexity of the final product, the deadline of the project, the required technology, whether actors or models are required, and the overall budget of the project. Equally important, though: We want to come to a mutual understanding of the underlying ideas, the mood and emotions our clients want to convey.

After having consulted with the client, we will create a concept for the video project. Depending on the complexity of the project and other demands (e.g. if working with actors is requested/necessary) this stage can take from three to ten days.

After the concept has been finalized, we will present it to the client. If required, we will interactively further fine-tune it to their vision. We will then organize all the different elements of the filming process, compose the team and fix the shooting dates.

Usually, the filming process is the shortest of all the production stages. The actual number of shooting days depends on the concept’s content and complexity and varies greatly.

The client can be present throughout the filming – even when their presence is not required. Whether a client chooses to stay on-site or not we will constantly update them on the process and decisions taken.

After all the necessary footage has been shot the video will be edited and fine-tuned to match and exceed your expectations. This stage consists of:

  • editing the footage
  • finding the perfect licensable music for your project
  • audio design, audio effects, voice-over mastering
  • colour correction and grading to give the video a high-quality look
  • VFX implementation (if requested)
  • finalizing and exporting the video for the requested platforms

After post-production, we will deliver a preview version of the final product to the client. The client can then review the film and communicate any changes to be made for the final version.

The modified and finalized video is delivered to the client in multiple formats via Cloud Storage.

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