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The idea behind TiePic Media

TiePic Media is a bespoke video and media production company founded and spearheaded by filmmaker Tiemo Weidemann. We specialise in crafting emotionally resonant, visually striking, and artistically valuable videos for a diverse range of international clients and brands, with a strong focus on the luxury and premium market. Our diverse client base includes acclaimed artists, architects, luxury brands, and high-end artisans, among others. Thanks to our international experience and cultural awareness, we can create videos that resonate deeply with audiences across different markets. We believe that video is one of the most powerful mediums for conveying a message and evoking an emotional response. Therefore, we strive to create videos that not only tell a story but also immerse viewers in an unforgettable experience, approaching every project with a focus on creating videos that meet the unique needs and vision of our clients.

About the founder

Tiemo Weidemann

Tiemo Weidemann is a German filmmaker and owner of the video production company TiePic Media. His continuous search for new creative challenges and the ambition to improve his craft motivated him to his extended travels in Asia and Italy. There he had the chance to learn from amazing people who challenged his ideas about filmmaking and often pushed him out of his creative “comfort zone”. Always drawing inspiration from his experiences, he developed a distinctive style for his work that combines traditional cinematic ideas with a personal and poetic touch.

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