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The idea behind TiePic Media

TiePic Media is a video and media production company based in Germany and operating all around the world. While the market for online videos has never been larger, we are convinced that only a creative and inspiring product can really stand out from the masses. The story, the emotion and the message of a video are what really creates impact with the viewer and ensures that it will not become one of the millions of videos that are watched every day and forgotten in seconds. It is paramount that the message you want to communicate stays with the audience, as nothing is worse than a bland and generic video that lacks any emotional impact.

About the founder

Tiemo Weidemann

Tiemo Weidemann is a German director, cinematographer, and editor – or, generally speaking, a filmmaker. After learning the basics of storytelling, working with actors, advanced cinematographic techniques and technical know-how at the Prague Film School, he has followed his passion every day since. His continuous search for new creative challenges and the ambition to improve his craft motivated him to his extended travels in Asia and Italy. There he had the chance to learn from amazing people who challenged his ideas about filmmaking and often pushed him out of his creative “comfort zone”. Always drawing inspiration from his experiences, he developed a certain style for his work that combines traditional cinematic ideas with a modern and personal touch.

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