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Captivating commercial films with atmosphere, style, and purpose

Nothing communicates a story, a mood, an idea or a message better than a
well-crafted video. We will bring your vision to life!

Why choose TiePic Media?

There are plenty of talented video makers and production companies around the world but, in the end, it comes down to one thing: who is the right one to bring to life your personal style and vision for your project?

This is true whatever the size of your organization. We specialize in creating content with a concept, a soul, a story and emotions, that will stay with the viewer. We create videos that combine established cinematic storytelling techniques with modern and updated editing together with target audience awareness.

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Our videos not only contain beautiful images but also a very dynamic and cinematographic flow that pulls the viewer into the story.

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No project is ever the same for us, and we challenge ourselves every time to find new and exciting ways to tell your story!

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By using the latest up to date equipment we guarantee a high-quality end product in  4K-resolution, stabilized shots and aerial drone footage for our videos.

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We consider ourselves artists and would never deliver a product that we are not personally proud of.

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