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Our goal is to produce high-quality videos which convey an idea  - breaking up the separation of art and commercial products. For us, the only reason to follow the creative profession of video production is the unbounded enthusiasm we experience with every new project. Our aim is to pass this enthusiasm on to you throughout the whole process. At all stages of the production, you as the client will be constantly updated and asked for approval for the creative decisions taken. Tiemo Weidemann as the founder and core filmmaker of TiePic Media leads every project.  He draws on a wide group of professionals to enlarge the team to meet the creative level we strive to achieve.

From pre-production, filming, music and audio design, editing, colour correction and grading, VFX implementation up to exporting for the desired platform - we cover all steps.

We mainly focus on the production of story or emotion-driven Image Films or Commercial Spots because those are the projects that allow us to live out our creative passion to the fullest. For every project, no matter what type, we challenge ourselves to always strive for fresh and interesting ideas. In this way, we also offer cutting edge styles together with more traditional video types to which we love to give a little twist.

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