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Recruitment & Explainer Videos



Powerful internal and external communication!

A great RECRUITMENT VIDEO is an effective and elegant tool to attract potential applicants for one or multiple job openings at your company. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your business in the best light possible, highlight your key values, and approach your desired target group in a personal and memorable way. With a professional and outstanding video, you will create demand for your company and maximize the chances of finding new talent with the desired skills and mindset to grow your business successfully. Given that a RECRUITMENT VIDEO is often the first impression a potential candidate will get of your company, it is fundamental that this initial presentation is of the highest quality possible while also reflecting your unique style authentically.

In a short time and in a compelling fashion, a RECRUITMENT VIDEO has to show:

Your company and unique features - Who you are looking for - How to apply

EXPLAINER VIDEOS on the other hand are excellent tools to showcase and explain the functions of products or services provided by your company. They can either be used internally as a way to train employees or externally for direct-to-consumer communications and instructions. In the past few years, the application of EXPLAINER VIDEOS has skyrocketed as they not only improve noticeably employee and customer satisfaction but provide an additional platform for marketing and brand building. As with any other externally employed aspect of your business, also your EXPLAINER VIDEOS should reflect the intricate care for details and quality of your company and therefore have to be highly curated, efficient, and in tune with your company image.

During every stage of our production process, we will keep you updated and involve you in our creative decision making, so you know at every point our vision for the final product. Your ability to influence the process is very important for us to ensure you are completely happy with the final results.

Between 40 and 300 seconds long

Efficient and purposeful for the target group

Informative and in tune with the company image

Filmed and exported in 4K Resolution

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