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Event Videos



From fairs to festivals - bring the experience to the screen!

EVENT VIDEOS are usually short and engaging summaries of fairs, concerts, festivals of any kind or business activities, with the aim of bringing the experience to a broader audience and promoting future events. No matter what occasion, EVENT VIDEOS have to be engaging and entertaining. They need a great structure, an overarching theme, and creative cinematic choices, to allow the creation of videos that not only show the event in all its glory but also invite the spectators to immerse themselves in the event's atmosphere.

An effective event video makes your audience:

Relive the experience - get key information - build interest

The tricky aspect of EVENT VIDEOS is to find the perfect balance between the documentary (or reportage) part and the creative liberties needed to provide a viewing experience that gets the full attention of your target group. We tackle this difficulty by presenting the "reportage" in an original and visually exciting way that draws your audience directly into the action. We specialize in creating cinematic and story-driven videos that not only show the reality but also add layers of complexity to it. 

We usually only work for commercial events and do not normally cover personal events (e.g. weddings, birthdays, graduations). However, if you have a special request or question please feel free to contact us.

Between 20 and 210 seconds long

Exciting and modern flow

Informative and atmospheric

Filmed and exported in 4K Resolution


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