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Branding Packages



Elevating your business to a brand!

A well-established brand is usually represented by a variety of videos: a great IMAGE FILM to introduce the business behind the brand, several COMMERCIAL SPOTS to showcase the different products and/or services and a well-thought-out social media campaign composed of various MINI-VIDEOS (short product presentations, behind-the-scenes videos, interview, event teaser  etc...). 

A BRANDING PACKAGE offers your business the possibility to create a mapped-out brand identity that covers every representative aspect of your company. We take care of the video-based presentation of the entire brand which allows us to intelligently and creatively use the different video formats to provide a harmonizing and curated experience.

You decide if you want your brand to be modern, traditional, artistic, rational, rustic or technological - we will create a consistent BRANDING PACKAGE that provides your brand with credibility and professionalism.

A BRANDING PACKAGE helps you establish your brand by showing:

Your business - your philosophy - your unique features

A BRANDING PACKAGE is recommended for reviving your brand, introducing a new product or service line, developing new markets and/or creating a new brand identity. Our distinct cinematic style will give your brand a unique personality and help it stand out from the masses.

Stylistic, one of our biggest features is our creative elaboration of compelling stories that are smoothly integrated into every video. This is the most important way for your video to stand out from the competition. Instead of just blankly showing some nice images without context, a story is necessary for creating a smooth and interesting flow that helps to maintain the attention of your audience and create a cinematic mood and high-quality entertainment.

During every stage of our production process, we will keep you updated and involve you in our creative decision making, so you know at every point our vision for the final product. Your ability to influence the process is very important for us to ensure you are completely happy with the final results.

Redefined brand identity 

Covered for every occasion

Harmonic and curated presentation

Filmed and exported in 4K Resolution


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