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Our commercial spots are short videos that have real impact. They can be used to present a new product, highlight your services or deliver a powerful or exciting message to your clients or customers. In just a few seconds the video will grab the attention of your target group and make them interested in the message you wish to convey.

In comparison to our IMAGE FILMS, a COMMERCIAL SPOT is much shorter and its primary function is not to present the company as a whole. Instead, a COMMERCIAL SPOT focuses on only a few features of your company and communicates them to your audience in a memorable way.

In a short time and in a compelling fashion, a COMMERCIAL SPOT has to show:

Your service, product or message - your vision - your unique features

When well-executed, COMMERCIAL SPOTS are the perfect medium for communicating a succinct message to your clients and customers. Apart from being visually stunning and technically perfect, a video in our modern times has to stand out from the crowd. It has to be creative, atmospheric and entertaining while also being informative and straight to the point

The best and most important way for your video to stand out from the competition is to tell a compelling story that is smoothly integrated into the video. Instead of just blankly showing some nice images without context, a story is necessary for creating a smooth and interesting flow that helps to maintain the attention of your audience and create a cinematic mood together with high-quality entertainment.

During every stage of our production process, we will keep you updated and involve you in our creative decision making, so you know at every point our vision for the final product. Your ability to influence the process is very important for us to ensure you are completely happy with the final results.

Between 20 and 90 seconds long

Impactful and unique presentation

Makes you want to learn more

Filmed and exported in 4K Resolution



Every project begins with us meeting with the client to gain a comprehensive understanding of their requirements, ideas and wishes. During the initial conversation, we will gather information about the content, the length, the complexity of the final product, the deadline of the project, the required technology, whether actors or models are required, and the overall budget of the project. Equally important, though: We want to come to a mutual understanding of the underlying ideas, the mood and emotions our clients want to convey.


After having consulted with the client, we will create a concept for the video project. Depending on the complexity of the project and other demands (e.g. if working with actors is requested/necessary) this stage can take from three to ten days.

After the concept has been finalized, we will present it to the client. If required, we will interactively further fine-tune it to their vision. We will then organize all the different elements of the filming process, compose the team and fix the shooting dates.


Usually, the filming process is the shortest of all the production stages. The actual number of shooting days depends on the concept’s content and complexity and varies greatly.

The client can be present throughout the filming - even when their presence is not required. Whether a client chooses to stay on-site or not we will constantly update them on the process and decisions taken.


After all the necessary footage has been shot the video will be edited and fine-tuned to match and exceed your expectations. This stage consists of:

  • editing the footage
  • finding the perfect licensable music for your project
  • audio design, audio effects, voice-over mastering
  • colour correction and grading to give the video a high-quality look
  • VFX implementation (if requested)
  • finalizing and exporting the video for the requested platforms

After post-production, we will deliver a preview version of the final product to the client. The client can then review the film and communicate any changes to be made for the final version.

The modified and finalized video is delivered to the client in multiple formats via Cloud Storage.

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